Imagine having your restaurant registered to an ordering app thinking that it would make things for your business easier but then you end up making your business brand their own. They won’t just grab your business name but also get your loyal customers for themselves and worse is they take away a big chunk off from your profit. Brandjacking may sound beneficial in the start but the more online orders they get the more they take away from your profit through huge percentage leaving you empty handed.

UberEats and MenuLog is an example of brandjacking. As third party food ordering and delivery companies UberEats and MenuLog imposes unfair contracts, charging a big commission percentage from the restaurant for every order, ruins deliveries by arriving late with a cold food and have drivers that are untrained in food handling and have a bad customer service.

Additional Services (not on homepage but this will be an additional page)

Facebook Marketing/Management

Although people spend most of their time browsing facebook you can’t guarantee that they will randomly search for your business.

With a professional presence in your business’s facebook, we will target your potential customers interests through creating better facebook posts, constant social updates, professional quality restaurant videos and interior photography. We also provide a great review management to enhance customers experience and avoid them from leaving bad reviews to increase your web traffic and help you enhance customer inflow.

We don’t just increase your business exposure but also get customers to take interest in you.

Restaurant Video Production

Technology is rapidly progressing forward which makes people have less time to read and in turn make them tend to get persuaded with better video advertising.

We create professional designed crafted videos that can be used in facebook, your restaurants own website or other materials. Video is a powerful tool with its interesting contents and watching them can be very inviting to people which in turn will directly influence customers decision.

You may check our sample video production in this link: https://vimeo.com/70652259

Restaurant Photography

Poor photos do harm than good to your business’ image. If you want to attract more customers, improving your photo quality in a professional level will do the job. We take restaurant interior photos, food, staff and any promotions or events which will be used in your platforms. This photos will appeal to the customers emotions which will surely increase your sales and attract new customers.

Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing

Customers do search for your restaurant but often end up on aggregators websites, making you lose potential customers and sales. To prevent this from happening we can do search engine optimization to target the right customer traffic and improve your website exposure. We can optimise it so that it will have a higher rank in search results when customers search for restaurants and enhance your digital marketing through google business page listing to include only your own online ordering.

If the aggregators add their own online ordering link in your listing, we can also help you remove that and prevent you from losing loyal customers.

Website Design and Development

Having an exceptional website design positively impacts your SEO, conversion rates, customer experience, and many other aspects of your business that contribute to your growth.

The domain registered under your name means that you own this digital property. The domain name registered under your restaurant name is not actually owned by under the contract and they can always use your name to direct customers to other restaurants. We can help with getting that name removed, as well as build a custom website for you.

Marketing Material

Why not next time you deliver through one of the food aggregators, slip your own marketing material like a business card or professionally printed postcard with your website link and maybe a 10-20% off their first order. You don’t just gain a new customer but retain him too.

Marketing materials lets customers know that you are an actual business and these help in raising brand awareness which increases the possibility for a customer to make repeat orders.

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