Some of OzPOS Salient Features at a glance.

Payment Integration
Automated Backup & Recovery
Mode Based Pricing
Detailed Reports & Analytics
Mutli Store Management
Time Based Pricing
Unlimted Product Modifers
Built in Marketing
Multi Level Employee Logins
Simplest & Most Secure Login
Customer Loyalty Programme
Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)


We know running a restaurant is expensive. Every single cent counts! Why lose more with commissions? Food Networks seem like they have a lot to offer. Do they really?Without OZPOS, your customers will order through third party aggregators.Or worse, they order from your competitors making you lose customers! With OZPOS, all your transactions will be hassle free! More money for your business!




Why wait weeks to get paid? With OZPOS reliable and fully customizable gateway, you are sure to receive payments via your Merchant Gateway!


Real time payment? We got you covered!


Payment terms or Payment Options? Cash on Pick-up or delivery? You have the freedom to choose! Make it easy for your customers to order again from you!

Why Choose OZPOS

Direct Payments

No more waiting, no more paying commissions, no more hassle! Cash on Pick-up or delivery? You have the freedom to choose! Make it easy for your customers to order again from you!

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Support and Maintenance

Our team supports our system round the clock to make sure software ins and outs are all working perfect for you!

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Secure payments

With OZPOS, you need not worry about security of payments.Our dedicated team of experts have made sure that all transactions are secured and seamless

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Your brand is king!

Your food, your service, your brand! From start to finish, whether it's take away  or delivery, all communications sent to customers are all in your name! And you keep their records!

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What OZPOS Offers

OZPOS is an online ordering system just like your regular food aggregators that customers have loved to ease of. Minus the hefty charges and commissions. It works with easily with your existing website, or we can have your custom built Search Engine Optimised (SEO) website ready for you to take your orders. If you have an existing website, our experts will have you started as less as 24 hours with your menu. You can start accepting orders tomorrow.

Better Business Tracking With Google Analytics

Get Detailed Reports & Analytics change to – Better Business Tracking With Google Analytics 

Find out your best sellers, loyal customers and slow seasons with our detailed reports. Evaluate your business and set promotions and campaigns at the right time. Adjust your marketing strategy according to your needs!

For a smoother process we have the perfect team support to help you.

SMS Features

SMS Marketing that works change to – SMS Features

Stay in touch with your customers and gain their loyalty by sending SMS notifications and personalized text.

Integrate Your Website Now

Easily Integrate into your website change to – Integrate Your Website Now

Start accepting orders within just 15 minutes.

Built in Marketing for your customer

A great benefit of having your own customer database is that With our built in SMS and Email marketing features you can keep in touch with your customers and send them your promotions and offers as often as you like.

Mobile Friendly Menu

Our online ordering system works great on mobiles too. Customers can simply head to your mobile optimised website, and start ordering hassle free.

New Feature

Effortless Order Entry System

Making ordering system as effortless as possible

With OzPOS’s order entry system, easily laid out screen and very easy and accessable touch screen system, entering orders never have been more easier, with with the most diffiucl of the customers.

Effortless Login System

Quick & easy authentication is a main feature of our software. Where usual pin entry offers quick authentication, coupled with our EMV chip enabled smart card access features makes the system even more secure and safe to use.

Unlmited Modifiers System

Offer exact menu choice down to the basic ingredients. Lets face it, customers sometimes can be very specific and usual order systems sometimes cant be specific. With our easy to use unlmited modifiers system you can get right order down to its basics. Add or remove pricing on the go.

A solution that can stand the heat: our KDS is the perfect accessory to your busy kitchen.

OzPOS’s KDS or Kitchen Display system is a flexible solution for the demanding and busy hospitality sector, enhancing productivity for busy kitchens and team members.

Kitchen Display Systems to Streamline Processes

Eliminate Daily Consumables and Printer Maintenance


“Speed Prep Times and Communication, Reduce Labor”


Automate Cook Times


Real Time and Historical Prep Reporting


Reduce Average Prep Cook Times, Improve Quality”

Order Mode Selection

Quick & easy authentication is a main feature of our software. Where usual pin entry offers quick authentication, coupled with our EMV chip enabled smart card access features makes the system even more secure and safe to use.

Increase Customer Loyalty

OzPOS’s Rewards systems through different means, like vouchers, loyalty cards and discounts, means you can keep them coming back to your store. Vouchers can be issued with a minum purchase or towards a specific deal only. Also loyalty cards can be issued in unlimited discount levels.

Unique Solutions are our Forte More reasons to choose a restaurant POS solution from OzPOS.

Custom Modules to meet your demanding business needs


Gift Card and Virtual eGift Cards


Inventory Management

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Online Labor Scheduling

Table Management Module

Reservations Module

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Online Ordering Module

Online Payment for Orders

Accounting Integration

Guest and Server Pager Integration

Google Maps integration for Deliveries

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

Payroll Integration

Liquor Control Integration

layers 3

Multi-Store Menu Management

Above Store Enterprise Reporting

book open 2

Multi-Store Loyalty and Gift Cards

Hotel Property Management System (PMS) Interface

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Digital CCTV Surveillance Camera Integration

Solution for business not breaks it

OzPOS is Point of Sale Software that is professional, powerful and easy to use but at a fraction of the cost. OzPOS comes with a Retail Module for retails shops and a Restaurant Module for Restaurants and Pubs.

OzPOS Customization

Designed to meet the needs of a busy restaurant, OzPOS is the perfect technology partner for all restaurant operators. Regardless of whether you manage a casual or fine dining restaurant or restaurant group we have the tools you need.

Reach for the stars

He’s the exact opposite of the hero. And most times they’re friends, like you and me! I should’ve known way back when… You know why, David? OzPOS’s Structured pricing system based on the order mode selection.