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In addition to providing businesses with advanced online ordering options, Ozpos also provides a delivery management app. its driver app to guarantee efficient delivery services. Smooth delivery services ensure the success of online ordering businesses. In this fast-paced era, nobody is patient enough to wait. Customers in Sydney want everything quick, fresh, and timely. Consequently, restaurants that provide online food delivery driver services are under more pressure. Suppose the delivery management of your restaurant is not fast and reliable. In that case, inevitably, your restaurant will eventually fail in your online food ordering startup. But you need not worry; Ozpos brings an all-in-one solution for the restaurant business in Sydney to boost profits and customer satisfaction.

Ozpos delivery management app allows you to manage the delivery and drivers of your restaurants effectively. This app is primarily developed for drivers, who get all the information about orders and restaurants. 

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Benefits of Ozpos Delivery management app

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The Ozpos food delivery management app is integrated with the Partner app and user app. The partner app allows the restaurant manager or the Vendor to assign orders to any specific driver available. Also, customers will be aware of their order delivery status through live tracking. Additionally, the Vendor or restaurant manager can see all the delivery details of the online orders through a delivery management system.

Orders Alert

Every time a new order is made in your restaurant, Ozpos best food delivery management app in Australia notifies all the drivers and provides all the information. The driver will get all the information, including details about the orders, the customers, the payment status, the delivery location, etc. Drivers can accept or reject a delivery request for a specific order. If any one of the drivers accepts the delivery, the notification will automatically disappear from the remaining driver’s dashboard. Additionally, the restaurant’s customers and management will be notified when a driver accepts the delivery task. 

Order Management

The number of delivery orders accepted by the drivers will instantly transfer to the in-progress order tab automatically. The drivers can view the overall number of orders and their details in this tab. If the order has already been delivered, the driver can click on the view details button and verify that the food has been delivered to the specified destination. The driver can verify that the order was delivered to the specified location by clicking on the see details button if the order has already been given.

Driver Status & Reports

The Ozpos food delivery management app has a brand-new function that allows drivers to toggle their activity status on and off. If the driver status is off, then no order alert will be sent to that particular driver. Due to this, the restaurant can easily see drivers’ availability through their active status. To prevent receiving unneeded order alerts, a driver may quickly deactivate their status if they are on vacation or trapped somewhere. 

Navigation & Live Tracking

Drivers do not need to look up addresses on maps if they are having trouble or are unable to locate them for some orders. Ozpos driver app allows the drivers to access the destination address quickly from the restaurant delivery management app in Sydney so they can navigate easily through Google Maps.

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