Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Customizable Display Solutions

Customize the OZPOS Kitchen Display System (KDS) to perfectly align with your kitchen’s unique layout and operational needs. This system facilitates efficient order preparation and timely delivery, significantly reducing errors and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
customized screen of kitchen display system
presentable screen of how our kitchen display system work

Modernize Your Kitchen Operations with OzPos KDS

OzPos provides a specialized Kitchen Display System (KDS) customized for restaurants, seamlessly integrating with our point-of-sale system, self-service kiosk and online ordering. This square KDS system delivers clear, real-time information to kitchen staff, including order details, status updates, preparation times, customer information, and pick-up instructions. During peak hours, our KDS screen enhances kitchen efficiency, reduces errors, and fosters better communication between kitchen and serving staff.

Key Features That Set OzPos KDS
Apart from Other 

Real-Time Order Display

All orders are shown instantly on kitchen and counter screens, ensuring staff are always informed.

Reduce Online Ordering Errors

Minimize mistakes with accurate, automated order processing, improving order accuracy.

Faster Food Preparation

Speed up cooking times with streamlined order management, leading to quicker service.

Prioritized Order Management

Efficiently prioritize orders to reduce errors and food waste, ensuring the best use of resources.

Paperless Solution

Adopt a dynamic, eco-friendly approach to handling orders without the need for paper dockets.

Improved Communication

Order statuses enhance coordination between kitchen staff, boosting productivity.

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline operations with designated workstations, optimizing kitchen workflow.

Accurate Time Management

Save preparation time and ensure timely deliveries to meet customer expectations, improving overall service quality.

OzPos Kitchen Display System (KDS) significantly enhances kitchen efficiency by eliminating the need for paper dockets or shouting orders. Integrating directly with our POS (point of sale) systems, kiosks, and online ordering platforms, it automates and displays orders in the kitchen and at the counter. This ensures that staff are always informed, reducing errors and improving overall workflow. 

OzPos KDS Functionality Streamline Kitchen Operations and Optimize Efficiency

Busy restaurants receive orders from multiple sources. Handling multiple orders and channels can be challenging. Our KDS module simplifies this by filtering orders effectively, ensuring they go to the right stations at the right times. This helps streamline kitchen operations and improve efficiency, ensuring consistent service with our advanced KDS order management system

Boost Efficiency with OzPos Kitchen Display System

Our square KDS system significantly improves coordination between busy kitchens and counter staff by continuously providing accurate, real-time updates on order statuses, ensuring efficient order management from preparation to delivery.

Enhances communication between kitchen and counter.

Notifies kitchen staff of new orders.

Displays customer details and order specifics.

Alerts counter staff when orders are ready.

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Grow your Business with OZPOS

OzPos KDS in Action Transform your Restaurant Management Service Standards

Enhance your restaurant’s efficiency and service standards with the OzPos Kitchen Display System, where precision meets performance. Seamlessly integrating orders—from POS, online, or kiosk—ensures swift preparation and accurate delivery. Experience enhanced operational excellence and customer satisfaction with real-time updates and advanced order management, setting new standards in restaurant efficiency.
kitchen display system for restaurants

Frequently Asked Questions

OzPos KDS improves order accuracy, speeds up preparation times, and enhances communication between kitchen and serving staff.
It provides real-time notifications for new orders, order preparation updates, and alerts when orders are ready for pickup.
Yes, OzPos offers eco-friendly options such as a print-free alternative and integration with traditional printers for an environmentally conscious approach.
OzPos KDS seamlessly integrates with POS systems to display order details, synchronize order statuses, and improve overall operational efficiency.
Yes, OzPos KDS displays comprehensive order details including customer preferences and special instructions, ensuring accurate preparation and customer satisfaction.