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Managing a restaurant’s workload is always challenging; it takes much time to streamline the ordering process. Gone are the days when restaurants used to take orders on the phone and put all the details on paper. Ozpos offers an online ordering partner app built specifically for managing restaurant workflow and services. You can review and approve all orders, see which are delivered and which are pending, know about driver’s clearance, review real-time reports and insights, update menus and prices, etc. You got all the control on a simplified dashboard through which you can easily manage the work operations of your restaurant.

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Benefits of OZPOS Partner App

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Free Consultation For You !

Schedule a meeting with us to clear your doubts and questions
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Take your business to new heights with the Ozpos Partner app, wholly customized for restaurants in Sydney. Take orders from anywhere in Sydney, boost your marketing, and streamline your business in no time. Everything is customizable and specially branded for your restaurant. 

Order Management

Stay ahead of the game when managing orders correctly by using our all-in-one Ozpos Partner App. You can easily maintain your orders using the versatile and economical methods offered by OZPOS partner App. The vendor controls online orders, whether they are placed online or off, for delivery or in-person dining. With OZPOS, you can save additional operating costs for your restaurants and receive immediate alerts for your online orders on your Android and iOS mobile devices anywhere. 

Menu Management

With OZPOS, you can create and manage various menus for your restaurants and boost client happiness and loyalty. You can manage all aspects of your restaurant operations in one place through the Ozpos Partner app. For instance, recipe management, central menu administration, food classification, menu presentation with best-selling products, signature meals, etc., encourage the consumer to place an order immediately. Moreover, you can easily edit and make adjustments to your menu manually. 

Advanced Switching

Due to the busy hours, restaurants occasionally refrain from providing online ordering, delivery, or pickup. Receiving calls at these times can be pretty distressing. You may quickly stop taking orders using the Ozpos Partner app by tapping the screen once. All your customers will be informed that your restaurant does not accept online orders, delivery, or pickup at this particular time. With a single tap, you can turn it on whenever you want. You can also turn off delivery or pickup options anytime, and it will instantly be updated on the apps, Pos, and website. 

Simplified Online Ordering

OZPOS streamlines restaurant operations with a digital ordering experience that offers consumers convenience and flexibility. With OZPOS, you can handle many online or dine-in orders from a single dashboard, enhance profitability, and build customer loyalty. Its integrated online ordering function makes the delivery, pick-up, and dining convenient and reaches a broad audience. 

How Ozpos Partner App Works:

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