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Effortlessly handle deliveries, pickups, and takeaways with OZPOS. Our system integrates perfectly with your POS system, enhancing efficiency and customer happiness. Upgrade your restaurant operations with OZPOS Delivery Management Software.
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A Game-Changer Setup

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Advanced Solutions for Modern Dining: Delivery Management Software

We are leading the way in delivering modern solutions to restaurants. Managing multiple orders for timely deliveries during peak times can be challenging, leading to operational complexities. 

Our advanced delivery management system is designed to overcome these challenges and transform restaurant operations. We ensure smoother workflows and happier customers by optimizing order tracking and enhancing efficiency. 

Integration of Delivery Management Software with POS Systems

Delivery management software integrates with the seamlessly in our OzPOS Ecosystem reducing the need to rely on third-party integrations.   

The restaurant delivery software optimizes delivery routes, automatically assigns orders to drivers, and provides real-time updates on order status to staff and customers.  

This integration enhances the smooth flow of orders and reduces admin costs by up to 90%. Restaurants can optimize service delivery, meet customer expectations, and drive business growth effectively. 

Key Functionalities of
Delivery Management Software

Integrate with OzPOS EcoSystem

Efficiently process and manage incoming orders from various channels, including online platforms and phone orders, Self Service Kiosks.
delivery management software is integrated with point of sale system
menu management is also possible with delivery management software

Menu Management

Easily update and manage your restaurant’s menu, ensuring all items are accurate to view and order online or in-store. Set discounts for online orders, by the hour or by the distance.

Driver Management

Assign deliveries, track driver locations, and manage driver schedules to optimize efficiency and productivity. Hire & manage your own driver, pay them by the hour, by delivery or by distance. Or simply assign orders to Uber Direct, Doordash Direct Drivers.
delivery management software allows real time driver tracking
online ordering management software

Simplified Online Ordering

Effortlessly take online orders, Simplify the online ordering process for customers to browse the menu, place orders, and make payments with minimal effort. Orders flow through to POS and Kitchen Display System with minimal effort and intervention.

Real-Time Tracking

Provide real-time tracking of orders from preparation to delivery, keeping customers informed and reducing inquiries.

Reporting & Insights

Generate reports on delivery performance, customer behavior, and operational insights to drive decision-making.

Advanced Switching

Seamlessly switch between different delivery modes and efficiently handle dine-in, takeout, and delivery orders without disruptions.

Scalability and Customization

Adapt and scale the software according to the restaurant’s needs, supporting growth and operational changes over time.

Maximize Efficiency: The Advantages of Delivery Management Software

Increased Productivity

Boost operational efficiency by smoothing order processing and delivery management.

Ideal Customer Services

Enhance customer experience with real-time updates and timely deliveries.

Business Expansion

Facilitate business growth through optimized operations and better resource management.

Increased Profitability

Maximize profits by reducing delivery times and operational payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery management system is a tool that helps restaurants to optimize food delivery near me. It enhances efficiency by automating order processing and providing real-time tracking for improved customer satisfaction.

Delivery management software is beneficial for restaurants of all sizes. It helps small restaurants handle orders more efficiently and scale their delivery services as they grow.

Our delivery management software solutions are designed to integrate directly with POS systems. This integration with restaurant online ordering system allows order processing and payment handling, ensuring smooth operations from order placement to delivery.

Yes! Delivery management system can help reduce operational costs by optimizing delivery routes, minimizing fuel expenses, and improving efficiency. By enhancing customer satisfaction restaurants can increase profitability through improved service delivery and reduced overheads.