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In today’s fast-paced world, the ease of online ordering has become a great need for restaurants. As more and more customers opt to order online, it is crucial for restaurants to have a customized website backend that enables them to effectively handle and manage online orders. 

Ozpos provides you a fully customized and personalized backend of the website so that you can control your ordering operations from one place. The backend serves as a hub for all online ordering operations and provides restaurants with the tools to manage online orders, track delivery, customize their menu, delivery zones, delivery person management, and promotional offers. Additionally, restaurants can also manage and send notifications, manage ratings and reviews, and generate daily or monthly reports.  

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Benefits of having Backend Website

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Ozpos gives you control to manage all your ordering operations at one place. 


Backend of the website opens up with a simple dashboard, that gives you complete overview of all the major details about order, sales, earnings, pending orders, completed orders and so on. From the dashboard vendors can easily manage all online ordering operations. They get all the details about orders, sales, earnings, delivery etc. Simple and easy to use UI has been developed so that vendors can manage their work operations efficiently. Whenever an order is placed online, it will appear on the dashboard of website backend. This allows vendors to have full control over the ordering process, as they can easily accept or discard orders as they come in. Additionally, vendors can see and manage all orders that are placed, pending, completed, or delivered. This enables them to keep track of their operations and ensure that they are meeting customer expectations.

Manage and Track Orders

From the backend, vendor can track and manage customer orders in real-time. Vendors can view the status of every order, from the time it is placed until its prepared and ready for pickup or delivery. This includes a color-coding system for online orders, which makes it easy for vendors to identify the status of each order. The color-coding system also helps vendors to keep track of the status of each order, as they can easily identify which orders have been approved, assigned, accepted, or declined. This can be especially useful when dealing with a high volume of orders, as it allows vendors to quickly and easily identify and prioritize orders, ensuring that they can manage their operations efficiently. 

Managing SMS and Notifications

Ozpos tools in the backend of the website provides a centralized system of communication with customers. In addition to user verification and Twilio notification settings, vendors can also manage their SMS gateway settings, which enables them to send user messages about order status. The vendors can choose to send notifications to customers at specific stages of their order such as when their order is approved, rejected, pending, preparing or completed. This can be achieved with just one click, providing a streamlined and efficient way to communicate with customers. 

Promo code Management System

From the backend of the website, vendors can easily create and assign promo codes for customers. Assigning the promo codes to customers is easy and simple, vendor can enable it with just one click. This feature allows vendors to offer special deals and discounts to customers, which can help to attract new customers. It also allows vendors to track the performance of the promo codes, which can help them to understand which ones are performing better and which ones need to be altered or discontinued. 

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