Our Story

About Techvisor Pty Ltd

Techvisor Pty Ltd was established almost 6 years ago by technology enthusiasts and professionals with over 30 years of combined technical expertise in customised software design and enterprise solutions. Since our inception we have come a long way and have provided unique and customised solutions to our clients based not only in Australia but also Malaysia, Singapore, and UAE.

About OzPos

OzPOs being our flagship product have been developed painstakingly with the help of our clients. Since our inception we were dealing with lots of hospitality industry clients and always heard our client complained about their sluggish slow and painstakingly difficult to maintain POS software. So we listened to them, sat with them, and asked them what THEY would like to have and see in a Restaurant Point of sale system. Thus OzPos was born. Since then we have continuously improved our software and it will keep on improving. Unlike other software vendors We do not charge hefty sums of money just to get started plus exorbitant charges for peripherals, add-ons, warranties and support. Our one price includes everything that a hospitably business needs to get started.

Unlike other software vendors who sell someone else’s software, for which they have little control over the functionality or features, we have built our software from ground up and very easily customizable to adopt to your unique needs. This sets us way apart from ANY software vendor in Australia who will charge hefty amounts for simple customisations, simply because there are too many levels of profiteering (Reseller, Vendor, Developer, and perhaps 3rd party contractors)

Since we are also the developers and we do not have any middlemen or resellers, we save hugely on marketing costs , which enables us to sell our software at the fraction of the costs of other vendors. We also do not spend hugely on advertising, since most of our clients come from word of mouth or referrals