Manage your Restaurant's online food orders and delivery with our point-of-sale software in Sydney.

Looking for a Point-of-sale Software Solution in Sydney that will help you efficiently manage your restaurants? Give you control over your sales? Reduce threats such as fraud? A point-of-sale system in Sydney with Stock Control is the answer.

OzPOS clients benefit further by automatically recording sales on guest invoices for integrated invoicing and fast, efficient check-outs.”

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Features of OZPOS Point of sale Restaurant System

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Free Consultation For You !

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We use our all-in-one Point-of-sale software to stay ahead of the game when managing orders properly. Through a speedy order-taking system, it serves as a tool for help and provides consumers with prompt and effective services. You can easily maintain your order using point-of-sale systems which is offered by OZPOS

Order Management

We use our all-in-one POS system to stay ahead of the game when managing orders properly. You can easily maintain your order using the versatile and economical methods offered by OZPOS. It enables you to keep track of your orders, whether they are placed online or off, for delivery or in-person dining, and to build client loyalty via quick and effective service. With OZPOS, you can save additional operating costs for your restaurants and receive immediate alerts for your online orders on your Android and iOS mobile devices anywhere.

Kitchen Management

OZPOS Point of Sale system integrates with the kitchen to eliminate the need for any paperwork and enhances order accuracy. Your staff would see and prepare meals in accordance with each order receipt, so reducing the likelihood of mistakes. OZPOS makes it easy for you to navigate through your orders, resulting in precise and efficient services. It effectively handles multiple kitchens, tracks inventory, processes payment, and runs orders efficiently.

Allows for Multiple Payments

Customers always want flexibility in e-commerce infrastructure and payment methods. For this reason, OZPOS Point of Sale offers a variety of payment options. It gives clients the freedom to select from a wide selection of payment gateways. It makes the transaction procedure transparent. Credit cards and cash are all accepted. 

Delivery Management

With OZPOS, give your customers a taste of fast delivery, optimize door-to-door operations, manage deliveries effectively, receive orders, and process payments. It allows you to easily accept orders in person, online, over a phone, or via a third-party platform. It takes your business to the highest level. 

How Our OZPOS POS Restaurant System Works:

Unlimited Product Categories and Sub Categories

Easier Product management and finding when you can easily categorise and sub categorise them. Just 1-2 clicks to find the right product and add it to the order screen

Unlimited Product Options and Modifiers.

Need to customise a product according to customer’s needs? Our Product options lets you customise a product just as your clients like it. With Product sizes you can add any number of size options to your product, like customisable Product Modifiers, like toppings or other modifications its simple to add them once through the backend system.

Easier Payment Process

Multiple Payment and Order Options, Order from Table, web or mobile app, Customers can opt to pay cash on Delivery or secure Online Credit Card payment

Reports and Analysis

A POS system produces daily sales reports and journals. POS reports are designed to identify sales trends, cash point performance and accurately reflect cost versus sales price

A complete set of reports required for your operation and analysis purposes. Reports based on Work periods, provide you an overall shift totals, either by each user basis, or by each department.

Customer Retention with Meal Deals , Coupons & Vouchers

Our system will allow you to have better customer retention with different configurable meal deals, vouhcers and coupons for the special one time or repeat sales

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