Most Frequently Asked Questions About OPZOS

Looking for a solution that will help you efficiently manage stock reordering? Give you control over your sales? Reduce threats such as fraud? A Point of Sale system with Stock Control is the answer.
OzPOS clients benefit further by automatically recording sales on guest invoices for integrated invoicing and fast, efficient check-outs.

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What is OZPOS?

OZPOS is an online food ordering system that can be embedded on your own website. No paying monthly commissions to aggregators. We help you save thousands of dollars while earning more through online sales. Menu cart offers full control your own online ordering presence as well as customer database. We help you strengthen your market.

What are the benefits in signing-up?

More money in your pocket! No more paying commissions for each order! You get to promote your own brand, product, and service! Make your customers happier!

Is there contract?

Not at all! You have the power to cancel anytime you like if you are not happy with the service! Except for if you’ve paid for a 1 year subscription

What are transaction charges for?

We have a small transaction charge for the Starter package online payments. Since we setup entire system for you, give you a trusted and secured Payment gateway (through our partner) which is fully PCI Compliant, this nominal transaction helps us keep the services running. However, since the payment gateway and merchant account is set in your name, you get the funds directly to your bank account. Unlike other major food portals who charges your customers and keep your money, you get to keep your money same day in most cases. We do offer a very competitive rate on our transaction charges (Gold & Corporate Packages) we can still beat any price you may encounter (Bronze & Gold packages only).

How do I start accepting orders on my website?

If you already have your own website, our system have a code which can be inserted into your order page. Then the entire menu with order process will be available on your website. You can sign up today and once menu and payments setup is done you can start accepting orders.

I don’t have a website. How can I still accept orders?

You can still direct your customers to our non-branded order page, however having a custom designed website enhances user experience and confidence. It also promotes your branding in customer’s minds. We can certainly design a beautiful SEO optimised website for you at a VERY competitive price or opt for our Gold package where we offer a website for free.

How do I receive orders?

For Starter Package, once your setup is complete you will be given an access to the backend of your management portal. You need to log-in to the backend to see new orders come in and an alert tone will notify you for new orders. For Gold packages, you will be given access to our order accepting Android & IOS Apps that can be processed like your other food portals. For an additional cost We can also provide a custom Hardware terminal which has a built in printer that can receive and print orders.

Are there any other cost involved?

Apart from your subscription or any add-on charges which are invoiced earlier, you will also be charged for normal transaction charges that credit card company may impose. This can be anywhere between 1.65-2.65% per transaction.

Apart from transaction charges you will also be charge for SMS notifications sent from the system. Since each SMS notification is sent in your name and identity, we do not make any money on them. SMS charges start from 4.5c if purchased in bulk. You can always buy and add SMS packages to your account

Do you deliver my food too?

No We Don’t. But you are free to hire your own delivery drivers and pay much less than it costs to deliver via popular food networks. OZPOS helps support your existing business and repeat customers/orders.

Do you provide me with food orders too?

OZPOS in-fact supports and enhances your existing business model. If you have regular customers who like to order again from you but like the ease of use for modern food portals then this system is for you. OZPOS will fascinate the existing or new customers and help them place orders with you, without having to pay for hefty commission and delivery charges.

How can OZPOS Increase my profits?

No commissions means more money into your pockets. Running a restaurant is already expensive and having to pay on top of your orders means less money in your pocket. A no commission fee ordering system can easily increase your profits while retain customers.

Do i have to dump my existing food aggregators?

No, while they are good for acquiring new customers, a right marketing plan and a no commission online ordering system will mean you can still retain those newly acquired customers. Next time you receive a new order through these aggregators why not slip in your own marketing material and introduce them your own website/online ordering for a lot less. 

How Do i Remove Food aggregators created websites and domains from google?

Actually you can't, under the agreement signed with them you have already given control of your digital property , however we may still help you some control . Please speak to one of our experts and we will you get you through there,

Why my online google page has food aggregators links?

Under the contract you also allow them to market your restaurant but they put their own links , driving online customers looking for your restaurants to their website. We can help you remove such links and only direct customers to your website.