OZPOS Provides Web & Andriod APP Integration for Your RESTAURANT Business

Looking for a solution that will help you efficiently manage stock reordering? Give you control over your sales? Reduce threats such as fraud? A Point of Sale system with Stock Control is the answer.
OzPOS clients benefit further by automatically recording sales on guest invoices for integrated invoicing and fast, efficient check-outs.

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Are you experiencing?

Drivers waiting in your servicing area

Kitchen staff being interrupted for order updates

Driver chaos causing longer delivery times

Handing orders to the wrong drivers

No more using multiple softwares!

No credit card required

Get started within minutes

Delivery App & Integration with OZPOS

Complete integration of Online and Google Ordering and Delivery to your customer’s door

Improve customer service

Display wait times for delivery drivers

Fixed delivery costs

Increase online sales

Benefits of the integration

With the OZPOS integration module, your business will have better efficiency, accuracy and improved customer service.  

Customer focused service

Instead of the employee focusing on the orders from the tablet, the employee focuses on the customer.

Menu Integration

OZPOS API integration enables management of pricing, images, and descriptions within the OZPOS Back Office! When a PLU is updated within OZPOS, it automatically updates within the Delivery Partner's app, across all of your sites. An amazing time saver.  Available with Uber Eats, Google, DoorDash, coming soon for Deliveroo and Menulog

No more mis-typed order numbers

Mis-typed order numbers make matching the order to the driver problematic, creating a bottleneck when distributing orders. Redcat’s integration automates the passing of order numbers, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Labour savings

Removing the task of re-typing the order from an Aggregator tablet allows either a reduced roster, or the release of employees to perform more valuable tasks.

No more missed Modifiers

Restaurants are reporting that the most common errors they see are around Modifiers. A missed Modifier (say ‘no butter’) creates an unhappy customer located a few kilometres away – a difficult problem to fix. Redcat’s integration ensures modifiers are carried through from the order.


Reconciling orders across the Aggregators is time consuming, especially when things don’t balance. OZPOS integration means that reconciliation is automatically incorporated into your standard reporting, saving significant time across your locations.

Drivers can wait outside until their order is ready

Display the QR code on your window or door

Delivery drivers can check the status of their order on their own device, before going inside and asking

Key Features of Easy Ordering for Delivery

Manage both your Virtual & Physical Brands from a central portal, giving you control over your delivery partners, kitchen management, menus and reporting


Display wait times for delivery drivers


Driver self-check on mobile via QR code - display the QR code on your window or door


Automated with Kitchen Management


Configurable display & Display Advertisements and Offers


Displays orders from POS, Delivery partners, Online, Kiosk and Mobile App


Customer-facing screen

Improve the efficiency of delivery pick-ups

  • In-store screen and QR code displays

    • Delivery Provider – Display the Delivery Provider icon and order number
    • Countdown – Countdown to the estimated order ready time 

How it works

The Order Integration takes your Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Menulog orders and processes them automatically into POS without interruption. This allows staff to skip the manual step of entering orders at POS, after they are accepted on the tablet.

App At a Glance

Tailored, branded apps to give your customers the functionality that drives sales and loyalty.